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John Oliver Tells Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg to Feck Off!

Mark Zuckerberg’s giant data mining machine and moneymaking monster Facebook, is pulling out the stops to win your heart back. Public opinion has never been lower nor has that low opinion been more deserved. That is why Zuckerberg has spent a fortune making smarmy ads to warm your heart and make you feel queasy.

John Oliver has  already produced a more realistic ad of what Facebook moving forward might look like.  Sure, they’ll still mine your data, and make buckets of money from it.  Maybe they’ll let Russians in disguise make political hay – again.
Basically, Facebook will function the way it always has. Facebook  will still be a haven for racist trolls.  It will be a place to feel jealous of people you haven’t seen in years,  and a place to fritter our life away watching videos of cats eating corn, dogs riding horses and kids beating the stuffing out of one another.
‘Facebook, we own who you are.’

John Oliver – Facebook