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Al Gore’s Night Out

Al Gore at OscarsJust a few weeks ago the most hated Dixie Chicks sweep the Grammy’s. I could feel the wingnut’s blood pressures rising, see their faces turning purple and hear the clicks of lock and loading. Now with a liberal sweep of the Oscars, I am concerned with the mental health of our conservative friends.
Right-wing radio will be in convulsions over last night’s Academy Awards for weeks to come. An audience of a billion people were treated to a standing ovation for Al Gore. A man who has succeeded in pushing the most serious matter of our time in an amiable, humorous, artful and productive fashion. The win of An Inconvenient Truth for Best Documentary was a win for Al Gore. As is his probable win for this years’ Nobel Peace Prize. Also a shoe in for President of the United States if he wanted to suffer such indignities again.
If that were not enough for Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly and that gang of Gore and Global Warming Haters, the evening was hosted be Ellen Degeneres, not only a woman, but a lesbian to boot. Speaking of lesbians, the Oscar winning song I Need to Wake Up, emotionally and wonderfully preformed to a billion people was by another lesbian, Melissa Etheridge (who thanked her "wife and children") causing millions of red state crackers to implode. That too, another win for Al Gore.
hBut the coup de grace was when Happy Feet won an Oscar for Best Animated Movie. Taliban movie critic, Michael Medved must be on the verge of either a coronary or perhaps contemplating suicide. To remind yourself just how intensely and perversely Mr. Medved despised this children’s movie, read the article Kill the Penguins here from December down the page
Of course the Hollywood story was Martin Scorsese who finally got his just due with wins for best director and best movie with The Departed — even though Babel was the best movie of the year. But who can complain, Marty was more than deserving of the award.
Can you imagine what Lou Dobbs would have said if Babel, a movie produced and directed by Mexican nationals concerning the emotional heroics of illegal immigration had won? My God! Boggles the mind…