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Jon Stewart, Hillary Clinton emailgate

Hillary Clinton in pantsuitistanQuite a bombshell this Emailgate which could very well cause Republicans to not vote for Hillary Clinton come 2016, it may even cause a cable news outlet, some talk radio shows and even a few websites in the rightwing-o-sphere to make a big thing of it.

In fact, Darrell Isis has already revived BENGHAZI BENGHAZI asking for all her emails from her private account. That guy looks funny, where is he from anyway?  And if this issue is about her hiding content or no archives, how did she already give Darrell Isis 55,000 of her private emails? And are not all emails held by the NSA somewhere?

This could almost be as bad for her as Whitewater or what she didn’t do to Bill after Monica. And that’s not even counting BENGHAZI BENGHAZI. I heard the reason it was okay for Republican Colin Powell to do the same when he was Secretary of State is because he is not now running for president.

Anyone remember what happened to Bobby Kennedy on his way to the White House after winning the California primary? Causing to ended up with Tricky Dicky? What would happen if Hillary fell from the race for some reason? I guess it would be Uncle Groping Joe Biden, for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren are communists and can’t win.

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