Jon Stewart interview with Smarty Pants Al Gore in Three Parts

Al Gore interviewThis is much like eating the broccoli. It might not be fun, or tasty, or funny but its good for you.  What a smart man. I would like to see him go ONE ON ONE with Senator Daniel Inhofe from Knuckle Drag, Oklahoma who is the Senate’s top Climate Change denier and all around Congressional clown for a generation. But we have been hearing there is a new crowd coming into the Republican Party.  And already, in just two years Senator Rand Paul has surpassed Inhofe in pure nutbaggery. And even Ayn Rand Paul may not hold the title of Senate Clown for long as Senator Ted TEXAS TEA PARTY Cruz is on his way to give even Rand Paul a run for the money.

Al Gore Interview Part 1

Al Gore interview Part 2

Al Gore interview Part 3



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  1. Al-Jazeerah is probably available in English either broadcast or on line. As for getting it in Arabic; I can’t help you. The Lt. may have found something in his internet wanderings.

  2. I’ve read Twain’s “the awful German language”- it was funny. It’d be nice to watch Arab Al-jazeerah so I could improve my Arabic comprehension..

  3. What Americans hate the most is suffering a look at ourselves from outside ourselves. It is so… UNFAIR.

  4. You know Uitlander,

    About 125 years ago Mark Twain did a devestatingly funny story about an author who drove his editor to distraction by using quotes in foreign languages that no one knew.

    You do Twian one better.

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