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Jon Stewart: Romney deports Dora the Explorer and still wins debate

romney deports Dora the explorerJoyously firing Big Bird and the Moderator and Romney wins the debate by 40 points! Gosh, was the other guy even there?  Well on thing we learned, that crap about Romney LIKES TO FIRE PEOPLE taken out of context is just that, crap. Look at the fun and enjoyment he took out of personally firing some washed up old man right in front of him in front of 70 million people. And Romney won.

Who was that other guy up there falling asleep?  Maybe that was the plan!  To be so listless and boring that 50 million people would fall asleep in their chairs listening to Obama drone on and on.

And the next day he was in front of 30,000 people in Madison Wisconsin kicking the crap out of Romney. Perhaps Fox News and BIll Maher both have it right. He needs that teleprompter to function. He is not quick on his feet. But then again with missiles, drones and that button perhaps it is best to be slow on things.  BUT NOT IN A DEBATE!  Gosh…

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