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Just Headlines and a bit, Rack Jite June 14 2018

Headlines and a Bit, Rack Jite Sept 21 2017

Roseanne Barr Claims Her Planet of the Apes Tweet Was About Anti-Semitism, Not Racism

Gosh, the people with the low IQs are the very ones sucking up to her crap that the racist trope of PLANET OF THE APES is not racist and Valerie Jarrett is an anti-Semite wanting to push Jews into the ocean.

One more thing, to argue against Apartheid in Israel is not anti-Semitism, or about half the Jews in the world are anti-Semitic.

Sarah Sanders Fires Back at Report She’s Seeking Exit From White House: ‘I Love my Job’

Word is out that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is calling it a day. Which of course she denies now. What’s this about?  Sick of telling a shitload of lies everyday? Hardly. My guess is that it is her husband who is a loud, tweeting, NEVER TRUMPER that has got her in trouble with Trump.

Rudy Resurfaces with Laura Ingraham

Rudy Giuliani tells us Michael Cohen cannot FLIP because Donald Trump never did anything wrong. Gosh… What is going to happen to all these syncopates once Trumpism is sent to the trashbin of history? Which may be sooner than anyone suspects.

Should California Really Be 3 States? Voters Will Decide In November

Okay, but in return make Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and North and South Dakota one state. Which all together would still have less of a population than Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Alabama, South Carolina or Louisiana.