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Just Headlines, Rack Jite April 10 2018

Headlines and a Bit, Rack Jite Sept 21 2017

Headlines and a Bit, Rack Jite Sept 21 2017
So will our buffoon in charge go to war to deflect attention? Anyone doubt he would do that just to protect himself? Who will be fired first? Mueller, Sessions or Rosenstein. Do they now have his tax returns with all that Russian money in it?

Hannity Declares Victory in Kimmel Feud, Invites Him on Show: ‘I’ll Promise No Name Calling’

No no no… Have Hannity go on Kimmel’s show. Remember in the early 1990’s Rush Limbaugh went on Leno and Letterman and both were the biggest fails of his career, laughed at and booed. A few weeks later he said he would never appear on Television or radio unless he had total control of the microphone. Wise move. Especially for Hannity who is dumber than boiled okra.


Alan Dershowitz: FBI’s Cohen Raid is a Tactic Used Against ‘Very Serious Criminals’

Well said Alan!  You may get a job!  And so might Rudy Giuliani.

Laura Ingraham: After Cohen Office Raid, Trump Needs to Bring in More ‘Seasoned Lawyers’

See above.

Conservative TV Host’s Show Canceled After Threatening to ‘Ram a Hot Poker Up David Hogg’s Ass’

No no no… REPUBLICAN TV Host… From none other than Sinclair Broadcasting. Who is presently about to take over news departments of 72% of local TV Stations.

Laura Ingraham: Actions By ‘Intolerant Left’ To Stifle Free Speech ‘Are Stalinist, Pure and Simple’

REPUBLICAN Laura Ingraham while her living god in the White House is doing all he can to not only destroy the free press but the First Amendment as well.

Bill Cosby paid accuser $3.38 million to keep quiet about sexual assault: Prosecutor

Whatever he did to that one is 20 times worse than what Trump did to Stormy Daniels and 200 times worse than whatever Bill O’Reilly did.

The Story Claiming Buzz Aldrin Saw Aliens in Space Is Utter Nonsense

I met Buzz Aldrin in the early 80’s at a bar dump bar called Maribelle’s down on the Kemah Channel. Best bar in the world on Sunday afternoons for a few years. A mile away! Big outside deck and patio over the water. On Sundays filled with bikers, strippers, bankers, astronauts, Oilers, Astros and even ZZ Top on occasion, and I was best pals with the DJ who make all his music cassettes at my house from my music!  And the Memorial Day swimsuit contest, $10,000 winner takes all.

One crowded Sunday I went inside to take a leak. I saw a very gay guy at the bar. In the bathroom I heard two bikers talking about grabbing him and drowning him in the channel. I went up to him and asked where he lived.  Galleria, other side of town. 40 miles away.  I said he had to get out of here NOW. No car, waiting for his ride later.  I told him he had to leave now and I gave him a ride home. 3 hours and 80 miles of missing fun with friends to save a life.

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