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Kellyanne Conway adds alternate facts in defining our Trumpian world, Daily Show

“Don’t be so overly dramatic Chuck you are saying it’s a falsehood and they’re giving Sean Spicer our press secretary gave alternative facts to that.” Kellyanne Conway to Chuck Todd who had the dramatic temerity to call out Sean Spicer lies a “falsehoods.”

Kellyanne Conway has in just those few seconds created a worldwide second meme to follow “fake news” as the personification of our new Trumpian world of fake news and alternate facts. Neither of which matter one wit to The Gawdawfuls who voted for him.

It is way past time for The Media to call these people out, including the President, as the “liars” they are. Way way way way over due.

I keep coming back to how soft The Media is on President Donald’s vindictiveness. Which may soon either get him thrown out of office or end in nuclear war. He is the most petty vindictive man in both the real world and in literature.

At least Ahab’s revenge was because a whale ate his damn leg. And The Count of Monte Christo was sent to prison hell for 10 years for something he didn’t to by three rich a wholes to get their hands on his lady.

What has President Donald suffered? Small talk, small hands, small crowds, small man.