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Kids Listen to ACDC

Kids Listen to ACDC

Kids Listen to ACDC

That little girl rocks! Someday she will be the coolest girl in high school. These kids give a good feel of what their parents listen to but those who never heard it before all seem to like ACDC.

ACDC is my second favorite band, I have seen them a dozen times over the years most always somewhere in the first 20 rows. Nice living in a big city where all tickets are scalped. Wait till the day of the concert to deal with them and it’s usually less than double the price of a regular ticket. AND WELL WORTH IT. I like making eye contact.

Are there some valid issues with ACDC? Sure most songs sound the same and there is certainly nothing profound in the lyrics, but they make up for it with the best show in rock.

t’s a everyone stands up for over two hours, it’s very loud, everyone knows the words to most of the songs, it is fun, it is funny and no one puts on a more physical show that Angus Young. He makes me laugh as much as he makes me rock. Oh and never saw a black person there. Same can be said about all my Stones concerts, weird with The Stones being so immersed in black R & B. But as the greatest book on race said in its title, Two Worlds, Separate and Unequal.

You know most of us go to concerts rather than Church for our spiritual needs. It is so much like White Pentecostal services and so many Black churches with all the screaming, singing, crying, rushes, fun and fainting.


Sadly though, no longer.

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