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Labor Day Trump, Mick Jagger, Marjoe, Mussolini and the GOP

Many of us are aware both Jimmy Swaggart and Mick Jagger got much of their stage presence from Marjoe the preacher.

If you watch old speeches by Mussolini there is little doubt that Trump got his rally act from watching the Lord of Fascism.

The facials, the body language, the pauses for applause and even the looks…

Which  does not even address the content of fascism whose driving force is fear and hate of The Other.  To bind industry, military and church under a populist charismatic leader to eliminate The Other before it is too late.  Like last time, I suspect it will not end well for them this time either.

[Melania should skedaddle while the skedaddlings still good]

After this week in which Trump went from ugly asshole to pathetic victim I had it all explained to me in a very lengthy opinion email variations of which seems to be going viral across the land this weekend.  It goes like this:

Trump is an asshole and I voted for an asshole because only an asshole could so effectively reduce my taxes and remove every protection for the people and the planet he can get his hands on to create more tax free profit for me.

Only those two things matter.
[The racism, bigotry and the Wall are just sideshows to bring along the nitwits.]
Not to just Trumpers but to REPUBLICANS.
It is what the IS is.
Anything other than that is Venezuelan SOCIALISM.