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Clueless Protestors Torch Nikes to Protest Colin Kaepernick

The Nike corporation ignited a conflagration among conservatives by naming Colin Kaepernick ‘The New Face of Nike.’  Hot-headed protestors who should be far from flammable materials are taking to social media to protest the naming of Kaepernick, by setting their own Nike gear aflame.
Luminaries such as past Trump “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant, John Rich, part of the country duo Big & Rich, posted a pair of socks with the Nike logo torn out, captioned: “Get ready @Nike multiply that by the millions.” Rich’s tweet is far from one million retweets and likes, and has a garnered number of critical responses.

Americans are divided into two camps; those who understand that the players are taking a knee to protest police violence and human rights violations, and those who rather enjoy believing that the players kneel in disrespect to the National Anthem.  Trump continues to cheer-lead for the latter group. At a rally in Alabama last year Trump said owners should “get that “son of a b*****” off of the field” if a player knelt in protest during the anthem. Mike Pence walked out of an Indianapolis Colts game after some players knelt. No one cried.

Hot headed protestors will not be exterminating the Nike Swoosh anytime soon. While they endeavor to sink Nike stock, the company is slated to make all NFL uniforms through 2028!

Conservatives Boycott Nike For Supporting Colin Kaepernick