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Larry Wilmore, Pope Francis sells out to homophobia and Sharia Law with Kim Davis

Larry Wilmore, Pope sells out for Sharia Law with Kim DavisThe new boss is the same as the old boss, though in this case there is a kindly smiley face hiding the same old crap with Pope Francis celebrating homophobia and American Sharia Law.

Just when we thought things had changed in that theocratic city state over in Rome, we find that it was all a sham of kindly words and modern marketing selling the same obnoxious sexism, homophobia, intolerance and that insane crap about birth control in this overpopulated planet.

Though it must be said that the Pope and his church are little different than any church or mosque where intolerance and bigotry are the sustenance of religion, it’s what makes their tribe better than your tribe.