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Larry Wilmore reviews GOP debate hoping Ben Carson won’t stab him

Hey Honey do we get Fox Business Network, anyone know what channel it is?

Larry Wilmore reviews GOP debate hoping Ben Carson won't stab himLarry Wilmore says verbatim just what I and millions of others said the other night.

Ben Carson’s narcolepsy aside, what if he became president and soon after aliens arrived with the robot Jesus the used to keep us stupid for as long as they could before they had to come intervene to stop us from blowing up the whole Galaxy, and Spongebrain Ben lost his faith?

Who would he stab first? Who would he take a hammer to your mother? Would he smash a brick in your face?

Spongebrain Ben is the poster child for that insane refrain we hear so often from Evangelical Christians, “If it were not for God and my personal relationship with Jesus Christ there would be nothing to stop me from hammering my mother, stabbing my friends and smashing a brick in your ugly secular face?” In fact Ben Carson uses that as his front and center Bible quote:

 “With humility and the fear of the Lord, that is where life and riches come from.”Proverbs 22:4

God is to be feared not loved. Which the Bible makes abundantly clear. If people in just one town start acting up God will do a genocide on them, kill everyone in the world but 8 people. Like Carson and Bachmann say God will do again any day now. Sorry that is not only insane but ugly and evil.