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Laura Bush calls Trump cruel and immoral

Let me put on my MAGA hat for this one.
Bwhahaha, a librarian! Who cares what librarians have to say about anything? They read books! No better than college professors and journalists and the rest of libtard elitists who think reading makes you smart. IT DON’T. And they even read magazines and newspapers full of fake news, lies and elitist propaganda. Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are all you need to be smart! Neither President Trump nor I have never  read a book in our lives and he is president of the United States and I am doing just fine! I rebuilt the 4 wheeler, the trailer has new jacks and I now have 23 guns and two pallets of ammo!

Laura Bush Condemns Trump Family Separation Policy as ‘Cruel’ and ‘Immoral’ [article]

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