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Lawrence O’Donnell: Tom Arnold Teams With Michael Cohen To ‘Fix’ Trump

Lawrence O’Donnell: Tom Arnold Says Michael Cohen, AKA Donald Trump’s ‘Fixer’ is fixing to rat-f*ck his old boss. Once adversaries, Cohen and Arnold now have much more to gain as comrades. Only a truly crazy person throws his attorney under the bus, yet oddly Trump sets great store by loyalty. It should be no great surprise that Cohen plans 100% to cooperate with prosecutors according to Arnold. It only makes sense. The Cohens are tapped out financially, with no help from ‘billionaire’ and friend Trump. The couple count their most valuable asset as the truth. It certainly sounds as if they plan to use it.

Cohen tweets weak protests, pretending that he and Arnold are mere acquaintances, which is ridiculous. At the very least, as Trump’s attorney, Cohen and Arnold were in contact for years quibbling over Trump’s legal issues. Says Arnold: “Sometimes people SAY they aren’t cooperating when they really ARE.”  

Hold on folks, there’s more! There are Trump tapes that we have yet to even hear of, and while there are no water sports advertised, they do not show Trump’s best ‘optics’ – his word of the week.  Are the tapes worse than the Access Hollywood clips? You bet! Trump is wired on the set of ‘the Apprentice,’ where he freely and frequently uses the ‘N-word.’  As a bonus, Trump’s behavior is so reprehensible, that the producer pulls him from the set no less than four times for sexual abuse.

A documentary by VICELAND premieres in September, in which Arnold claims that Cohen will be the star of an episode. #thehuntforthetrumptapes

Tom Arnold Says Michael Cohen Is Cooperating 100% With Prosecutors – The Last Word MSNBC-video