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“Mea Culpa? What Does that Mean?” Tom DeLay

Tom DeLay, my personal old congressional representative is getting great exposure for his new book, "No Retreat, No Surrender," which is about the silliest book ever written. [for THE silliest book ever written click here). Simply put, this book is about everyone being wrong but Tom DeLay.
One of the silliest areas has DeLay admitting his ubitquous wife cheating in both Texas and his first years in Washington. How he would "drink 10 to 12 martinis" and have so much hot tube sex he gained the name "Hot Tub Tom" throughout the Beltway. He then goes on to call Bill Clinton "slimy" for his sexual dalliances.
The most serious part of the book is when he finishes blaming everyone else (including Newt Gingrich) for just about everything, he says of fellow Right-wing loon Dick Armey, "He is a gifted man, but a man so blinded by ambition as to be useless to the cause. Beware the man drunk with ambition." On the surface one is astounded at the stones for this man claiming "blind ambition" on anyone else, but taken in context this is the statement that best defines Tom Delay."
Though the Iraq War was the deciding factor in the last election, it was (and still is) DeLay who is most responsible for the fall (and still falling) Republican Party. Though the Abramoff Affair was about Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed ripping off a few Indian Tribes, the court proceedings and follow up press gave us Tom DeLay’s play book, step by step.
This ultimate True Believer is after one thing, the creation of a one party conservative Christian nation, which he will go to any swarmy means to arrive at. DeLay is right about Armey in his quote, DeLay’s ambition though blind, is not about himself, but rather turning America into a Right-wing Theocracy. I know how cliche that sounds, but there is no way around it, that is the essence of the blind ambition, the cause, man and the plan.
DeLay was smart and swarmy enough to find the road to enact his dream, take control of K-Street. The Washington lobbyists, where most all election money comes from (statistically, those with the most TV ads win). This is a brief outline of how he did it. It happened within days of his becoming House Majority Whip in the 1994 Gingrich Revolution. He let it be known loudly and publicly that if K-Street wanted to gain the favor of the new very conservative congress, in which he personally controlled the venue, they would abide by his rules:
1) Lobbyists would henceforth halt payments to any liberal or Democrat causes.
2) Lobbyists would donate heavily to a list of Right-wing organizations and PACS which DeLay drew up and gave them.
3) Lobbyists with employment openings would hire only conservatives named by DeLay.
Within months, K-Street did his bidding and Tom Delay had control of most of the election money in America. He and the GOP held that power until just before the 2006 election when the Abbramoff Affair became common knowledge. His next game was to gerrymander the state of Texas to bounce most Texas Democrats out of the House, he succeeded but had not seen himself getting bounced out too.
DeLay is now out on his own (until he is sent to jail here in Texas). His new plan is to create an online organization modeled after MOVEON.ORG to make America even better than Iran.