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Megan Kelly moves from Fox News colleagues to NBC journalists

Megan Kelly moves from Fox News colleagues to NBC journalists

. This swan song from Megyn Kelly leaving Fox News to NBC has a big kick in the pants to Fox News in it. She is sad to leave her “colleagues” at Fox News but happy to join the “journalists” at NBC. Indeed, there she was¬†every night for most of a decade sandwiched in between an old obnoxious misogynist bigot and a moron.

She made a pitch to bring that gang of old deplorable Fox News viewers along with her to NBC, and who knows, perhaps a few of them under 75 will at least give it a try.

Word is that the Murdoch’s offered her a $100 million to stay and she took NBC’s offer of $15 million. That means it was worth $85 million to her to get the Hell out of there.

How will Fox go?  They just lost Greta to MSNBC and Carlton to ABC and Kelly to NBC. Will they replace Kelly with that little blond right-wing tart Tomi Lahren? Or go with a bit more gravitas and moderation?

What about Bret Briar and Shep Smith moderate anchors? What will they do? I bet if they had offers they’d go.

There is something in the air. Already many second thoughts about what full Republican control of everything led by a fascist buffoon could drive the GOP so far over the edge that they never recover.

As history may write, the election of 2016 was last gasp of American conservatism.

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