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Mike Huckabee & Women’s Uncontrollable Libido?

Huckabee: Women 'Can't Control Libido without "Uncle Sugar" CRINGE

Even Republicans cringed when Gov. Mike Huckabee told a Republican National Committee meeting on Thursday that Democrats think women “can’t control their libido” without birth control.  After the failure of Rush Limbaugh and Joe Walsh to successfully paint Sandra Fluke as ‘a slut’ after she famously advocated for birth control, the Republicans have had to take a different tack. This plan undoubtedly came from the depths of a think tank with a crescent moon on the door.

Republicans don’t want to control women’s bodies. No, they want to save women from the enslavement of ” Uncle Sugar.” Wow, those sneaky Democrats to are turning women into victims of their own base desires! I mistakenly thought they were standing up for women whose insurance should cover the $9 a month for family planning. A small sum to prevent abortions or babies which will be dependent upon the state. Of course, if Republicans have their way, abortions will be illegal again, and access to family planning and women’s health care unavailable.  At times like this, I wonder how they expect to get the little woman’s vote.  It follows that ‘The Vote’ might be the next right to go – in a ‘perfect world.’

I certainly hope the good Republican men whose insurance covers Viagra don’t become enslaved to ‘Uncle Sugar’ as well – he’s diabolical that way.