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Mississippi, worse than North Carolina!

Mississippi, worse than North Carolina!As I am sure you well know, we here in Texas love Mississippi because it keeps us from being the worst state in so many areas concerning health care, education, poverty and murders.  Oops, I guess that would be considered one of the best states to Republicans.

So now with The Donald we have about a third of Americans celebrating bigotry under the umbrella of political incorrectness with a growing number of Southern states now legislating that celebration of bigotry into law.

It’s tough driving from Texas to Florida avoiding Mississippi, which even before this crap, was a wise thing to do. But you know how I10 through Mississippi is just a small  leg on the coast about 100 miles long or so. Perhaps there could be some money to be made in a car ferry service from Eden Isle, Louisiana to Mobile, Alabama to avoid Mississippi altogether. Same with all those New Yorkers driving to Florida, how about a car ferry service from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. You know, avoid Mississippi and North Carolina to instead travel the liberal states of Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina and Southern Virginia.

And not to be outdone, both houses of the Tennessee legislature passed a law making the Bible the state book after making the .50 caliber sniper rifle their state gun, which I suppose celebrates Christians being able to shoot a homo between the eyes from a mile away! Hear! Here!

So what’s your state gun and state book?  Though here in Texas our State cobbler is peach and our State amphibian is the Texas Toad, we have no State book or gun. Yet…

I think with the long overdue sea change coming next year with American joining the rest of the civilized world we will see more and more Southern and Western States relying on state objects and guns to fill the void. In fact I would not be surprised to soon see open carry bazooka laws.

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