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Moot Fall, Carly Fiorina falls of stage and no one cares

Moot Fall, Carly Fiorina falls of stage and no one caresWhat is so interesting about Carly Fiorina falling off the stage at this Cruz rally the other day is not so much that the Fish-Face Monster and his wife see her go down and could have cared less, but everyone else there seems to have also cared less. What is wrong with that woman jumping on the Titanic just before it goes down?

I knew something was wrong with that woman watching her Pro Life / Planned Parenthood rant back when she brought up the rear of the GOP 2016 Seventeen. I cannot recall ever hearing so much anger, hatred, bile and dishonesty from any Pro Life speaker. And then doubling and tripling down on it.

Most all religious intolerance and bigotry is a matter of being intellectually unable to think anything out to the end. As soon as they get to where they want to be, they stop thinking. What happens to the million women a year denied the right to an abortion? Where does that come in to their discussion? NO WHERE.

I don’t know what happens to Pro Life men after they pass on, but if there is any justice in the afterlife, I am sure Pro Life women will find themselves in an endless cycle of pregnancy and birth for eternity. And loving it being barefoot and all.

And what about the men?  That was summed up best some 40 years ago by Jackson Browne:

Babies feeling funny in the morning,
Says she’s got a lot on her mind.
Next thing I knew she was all moved in,
And I was buying her a washing machine.

Did I do that okay from memory without looking it up?