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Trevor Noah and Duncan Hunter want to draft our daughters!

Trevor Noah and Duncan Hunter want to draft our daughters!I did not know that this FEMALE DRAFT bill was presented as a joke by Tea Party and Donald Trump endorser California Republican congressman Duncan Hunter, which to everyone’s surprise passed the Armed Forces Committee.

This is the same problem the Republican Base and their spokesmen Rush Limbaugh, talk radio, Fox News, WND, Blaze and Breitbart have with sarcasm of any sort. How are the rest of us to know what is sarcasm when so much of what they say is so far OFF THE RESERVATION it’s often laughable.

Speaking of which, just how far OFF THE RESERVATION is Donald Trump when he sees that controversial statement by Hillary Clinton as demeaning to men rather than demeaning to Indians?

Of course the Republicans will never ever allow this draft thing to happen because if we were to get everyone to register for the draft at 18, it would be so very very easy to at the same time register everyone to vote with a voter ID card.

Other than gerrymandering, suppressing the vote is the only hope the GOP has in their War on Demography.