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Net Neutrality Made Simple

There is confusion on this issue which I will try to make short and simple. Think in terms of the "equal protection clause" of the 14th Amendment.
A cabal of internet providers, namely the cable, satellite and phone companies, along with most of corporate America, want to charge what they will to whom they please for whatever reasons they wish for different degrees of service. With fiber and video on the horizon they wish to sell services to the highest bidder with exclusive accounts.
This means Time Warner can sell an exclusive FIBER ACCOUNT to Yahoo which they chose to deny Google. You and I click our Google icon and it takes a minute to come up but when we click on Yahoo it comes up instantly. Where you going to click? Imagine that in all aspects of the web. And even more problematic, they can put all the small websites like this into the very slow lane, killing us off.
These companies already control congress, radio, television, the very air we wave in, this medium is all there is left to everyone on an equal basis. Keep it that way!
An interesting point in this is big internet companies like Microsoft, Yahoo and Google are on the little guys side in this.