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Not long ago one sniper in a Falluja building pinned down 150 Marines for a day. The Marines called in two air strikes, 35 rounds of 155mm artillery and pumped hundreds of rockets and 30,000 rounds of automatic rounds from helicopters and ground troops into the small building. A short time later the sniper killed another Marine. They think they may have finally got that one, now we only have a billion more to go.
George has managed to fk up the whole world. Impeach him. And kick the crap out of the Neo-cons, for there is no longer any confusion as to what that political philosophy is about. Look for the biggest hornets nest in the world, and hit it with a stick. If any close work needs doing, get some weekend warriors form Walmartville, USA to do it for you.
Heads are turned to Istanbul today but it is the same story wherever one looks. A few generations of secular reason brought Turkey from the Dark Ages to possible entry into the European Union. Well, until George Bush got his dumbass face into things. They were recently denied acceptance as they revert to an Islamic Fundamentalist State.
The only thing holding Pakistan (with the bomb) from the same fate is a funny military dictator. The biggie, Egypt, is moving the same way, the entire Middle East disintegrates as you read this, while Iran and Syria already crazy as loons are exporting their Jihads.
To top it off, the entire world now thinks we are the Nation of George. A dumbass bully bringing violence to the world in the name of God’s revenge. And they are right, we have been moving to become just what we fight. Impeach him before he starts World War III.