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Net Neutrality verdict for dummies, Steve Breen Cartoon

net neutrality

It’s conclicapated. This recent case sided with Verizon over you. Like most things American, it throws morality to the free market, which means you will pay more for less. Specifically this finding will allow the carriers like Comcast and Verizon to feed your home (wifi) with the politics and marketing of whoever pays the most to the carriers. Comcast may go with FOX NEWS, Verizon with MSNBC, Charter with Walmart, Time Warner with Duck Dynasty all the time. This is already the case with our phones (mobile). The good news is that the finding opens up the possibility that the FCC can change some rules to hopefully keep that from happening AND revisit the same mobile laws.

Some things must take place outside the free market.  Health care is the most important, for your health should be above the bottom line profit margins of the insurance industry. Where death panels actually exist. And it seems that the only group in the world who think otherwise are Republicans from the United States. Also space exploration. Do we really want that to be all about rich people taking rides?