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New Pope & Wife Awesome! Claim 'Lie Witness News' Interviewees Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel's 'Lie Witness News asks How do you like the NEW Pope?

Jimmy Fallon asks people how they like the new Pope, and learns that people are “full of crap” – in another episode of 'Lie Witness News.'  Once again, star-struck Americans claim to have seen an event which has yet to happen. More remarkable are the descriptions of the new Pope. He is married to a 'hilarious' woman,  is very young and is doing an 'awesome job!' It appears that Jimmy's assertion that being the Pope is much like being Batman is wrong – it's much more glamorous to be the Pope. While Jimmy did catch people fibbing – in a spectacular way, you have to admire  the enthusiasm of some when addressing the new Pontiff:   “You're doing an amazing job, GO  YOU!”