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New RNC gun ad mocks Obama for consoling Newtown parent

RNC GUN ADContained in this one minute political ad from the RNC there is this picture of President Obama consoling Nicole Hockley who lost her 6 year old son Dylan at the Newtown massacre.

The photograph used was taken minutes after Republicans defeated the watered down background check legislation.

This from the RNC, presided over by Reince Priebus (do i have my i and e right in all that) who not so long ago was telling us that the Republican Party he represents needs to change into a nicer and kinder party, at least in their rhetoric. I guess visuals don’t matter.

And this flash of disgusting NRA gloating in the advertisement is not the real game here. But for Republicans to do everything they can, the people of America be dammed, to destroy the presidency of the n*gger in the white house to get votes from their Republican Base – please don’t bother trying to tell me that is not the issue I live in the center of the Republican Base and see it, hear it and feel it every day. All this to redeem the worst President in modern history, George W. Bush and put President Obama a step below him.

And there lies the central problem. Stupid people ABOVE ALL, do not like anyone they know is smarter than they are. It is why they hate Yankees and those with GEDs so much.  Smart people got no reason to live.

The NRA is gloating down here in Houston this weekend for their anual meeting, with attendance up from last year.