New Rules with Bill Maher, freedom sits at the 4th Amendment not the 2nd, Jan 18 2012

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New Rules with Bill MaherHaving someone watch you pee in a jar, or stop your car for no reason and search it, or take car, boat, or home for a gram of dope, track you email, your google, or even have them look up your ass no problem, but even the most reasonable limit on guns and they are going to shoot it out with the Barack’s Black Army, Navy and the Air Force.

  • Maher Is A Moron And His Fans Are Worse

    It’s totalitarian morons all the way down.

  • Muy Groso

    This issue reflects the abortion issue, and Global Warming and Darwin and so on. We are under the heel of a minority of nitwits who are loud, obnoxious and expert at bribing legislatures.

    Just heard today that who has the most money wins 97% of elections, higher than incumbency. And 4 hours each of the 3 days Congress spends in Washington, and most of each day they spend in home districts.
    Public financing is the answer. And untenable.

  • Bill nails it again, guns are any illusion of freedom while you participate less and less in decision making. Others like Colbert have pointed out the absurdity of people who want endless growth of the military saying that they might have to fight the government with guns. Actually what they mean by “government tyranny” is the democratic decision making process, hence the second ammendment remedies to Obamacare. It is a threat that they will go nuts if we the people make a decision they don’t like. Plus having Red Dawn forever around the corner brings plenty of money into the NRA’s bank account.