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Newspapers in Collusion! Trump accuses

On Thursday hundreds of  newspapers got together to write editorials attacking Trump for calling the media enemies of the people and harborgers of fake news.  Trump responded by saying they were in collusion!

But collusion isn’t a crime, so what.

Sure it is disappointing that every single newspaper did not join in, but most who did not seem to have only done so to not want to join a herd mentality.

Trouble is that it will be another two and a half years before everyone with an IQ higher than 68 will be voting him out of office. Okay, okay, those who feed off the ignorant bigots for their own monetary and political gain are not below the moron level but very high on the evil index.

Newspaper editorials take aim at President Trump, who castigates media as ‘opposition party

Or this from Investors Business Daily to get the other side, the real side, the unbiased side, the non fake side! I am at a loss to have ever read a more bias piece of rightwing Trumpian swill than this.

Editorial Collusion By Dozens Of Newspapers Proves Trump’s Point: The Media Are Biased