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North Carolina HB2 Bathroom Bill BBQ, Daily Show Roy Wood Jr

North Carolina HB2 Bathroom Bill BBQ, Daily Show Roy Wood JrRoy Wood Jr and Jordan Klepper open up a NO GAYS ALLOWED BBQ truck in North Carolina which is presently losing millions in sports venues, conventions and tourism because of HB2 which is not only about checking genitals in bathrooms, but allows Christians and their fellow Muslims to openly discriminate against gays, or who they suspect to be gay.  Which is the red snapper in all this bigoted crap.

What I found most interesting were the three black guys who took it well, they are so used to that kind of thing they just moved on, while the white people who were discriminated against for the first time in their lives had tizzy fits.

Perhaps this is why many of us like this once long haired flower child male – who was actually just a college student – is concerned with civil rights, racism and bigotry because we once suffered a bit of it for a period of time. Well at least by the police and our parents. And though unlike African Americans, we, like gays, could pass if we choose to. So though it is very different at least a few of us in the white male population understand the problem.

In defense of North Carolina, 70% of them are against HB2. So again we see what we now call Les Deplorables is at 30% of our American population. Which has always been the case.  The GOP cannot run from them, that 30% is locked into every election for them, up against the 10% of Les Negras for Democrats giving the Republicans a 20% advantage in every election.

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