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North Carolina no place for anyone with a brain or a vagina, Lauren Mayer

lauren mayerSo North Carolina wants to pass a state religion law?  Wow. BTW, this right-wing swill can be put upon the 5 Republicans on the Supreme Court who passed Citizen’s United. Which has allowed North Carolina billionaire Art Pope to buy the governor, the legislature and the courts.

Hey Lauren, with your sarcasm regarding guns and alcohol being a good mix, you are missing the point of  American Gungoonery. How many of these gun enthusiasts are out shooting people?  About 10,000 a year or so using up perhaps 50,000 rounds of ammo at best.  We have about 30 or 40 million of these hard core gun enthusiasts buying billions of bullets a year, yes BILLIONS, most of which are fired off at ranges and in the woods by drunks. Doesn’t anyone understand what the FUN in GUN FUN is all about?

And for you youngsters, Lauren Mayer has taken on the mantle of the once famous piano humorist Mark Russell.

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