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Not Shocking News: Paula Deen A Racist! W. Kamau Bell Totally Biased

No Shit News: Paula Deen A Half Baked Cracker and a Racist! W. Kamau Bell Totally Biased

Kamau Bell doesn’t seem surprised at all to learn that Paula Deen is a racist, as his her brother ‘Bubba.’ Yes, his name really is Bubba…Earl “Bubba” Hiers.    Strangely enough, it seems that not everyone had stumbled onto the idea that sweet, buttery Paula was a pre-Civil War fantasy cracker.   It took an uppity former employee to burst Deen’s deep-fried bubble. The employee claims that she endured “violent sexist and racist” treatment while working for Deen and Hiers in various endeavors including ‘Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House” in Savannah.

By now you’ve heard of the fairy tale slavery era wedding that Paula and Bubba were whipping up, so I won’t list those bad decisions again. The bad old days are not just a fond and cherished memory for the Deen siblings. Restaurant employees in  restaurants owned by Deen and her brother  were forced to use segregated bathrooms, and enter and exit through different doors than white employees.  Add  Uncle Bubbah’s sexual harassment and punishment of literally shaking an employee, and sprinkle liberally  with more variations of the “N” word from Paula and Bubba than ‘Dr. Laura’ used in her 12 minute tirade,  and you have a plantation sized nightmare!

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