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Obama is sapping Trump’s precious bodily fluids

Obama is sapping Trump's precious bodily fluids

Obama is sapping Trump's precious bodily fluids

We need younger political cartoonists. How many Millennials have a clue as to what this means. Along with all the great movies and books they have no clue about. I read my parent’s generation books and watched their movies. I suffered through Frank Sinatra and Broadway musical songs. I read the classics, I watched old TV shows. This is not the case anymore. I guess there is not enough time what with a computer in one’s hand at all times.

My God, they don’t even know who Eddie Haskel is.  They never saw a black & white movie yet alone a classic silent movie like The Gold Rush or City Lights. No Dr Stangelove, no 2001, no 1984, no Cuckoo’s Nest, no Bonnie and Clyde, no Barney Fife. And history? I guess they stopped teaching that crap in schools a generation ago.

But it is a two way street.  I was at the doctor’s small room for an hour the the other day with only ENTERTAINMENT magazine. Front to back I recognized no names at all.  Be it actors, actresses, authors, TV shows, celebrities, musicians, but thank the Lord I did recognize all the women with gigantic butts.

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