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Obama Team Apologizes to Romney and Stephanie Kicks Rich White Booty! : SecondCityComedy

Second City Comedy: Stephanie Cuttler of Obama Team apologizes retroactively to Romney for implying he's a liar and a felon, she then kicks rich white ass!

In June Stephanie Cutter retroactively apologized for statements she had yet to make, implying that Romney was a liar or a felon. We trust that he accepted her apology in behalf of the Obama campaign,due to his precedent of retiring from Bain Capital retroactively.
Not only can she reverse time, she apparently traveled forward to a day very recently when Ann Romney invited all snarky critics to “Just STOP it, and get into the ring!” Okay Ann, put up yer dukes, Stephanie has arrived!

Second City issued this statement:
It’s a special year for democracy! Since Citizens United, a new kind of campaign is emerging–aggressive, fast, and ready to dodge the mountain of money that is slowly collapsing on top of our poor lil’ country. Those campaigns without the “buttloads” (legal term) of cash necessary to control the news cycle must rely on speed, guile, and moxie to survive. It may be tough to imagine the Obama campaign taking on the Koch Bros. et al with apparently little else than a MILF and a crappy green screen, but it’ll be fun to watch them go for it

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