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Obamacare versus GOPcare

Obamacare versus GOPcare

Obamacare versus GOPcare

Here I am for the first time forced to defend President Donald Trump.  The little hands and the label of Trumpcare is unfair to our president. Sure he ran on REPEAL OBAMACARE, but that was just because it had the world OBAMA in it who he knew rural Americans hated so much they would sacrifice their health, their economic well being, the health of their children just to erase 8 years of having an NWORD in the White House.

No, this so called TRUMPCARE is fully REPUBLICAN CARE, it is what they have been screaming about for seven years and 50 floor votes to repeal six years before Donald Trump decided to run for president.

It is all on them. Transferring $1 trillion dollars from medicaid for the sick and poor to the wealthy in tax breaks.

Who would be for that?  Well besides Beelzebub, Mike Pence, Charles Manson, Torquemada, Rush Limbaugh, Sauron, Satan, Mitch McConnell, Ayn Rand, House Harkonnen and Paul Ryan anyway.

What’s their point?  Seems only one thing, Republican ideology that health care for all is socialism. That if by chance we get cancer between jobs, then we lose our car, our house, any hope for a job and our family is moved under a bridge. Really! Medical expense is the top reason for personal bankruptcy in America until Obamacare.

My God man look outward! The 40 top nations in the world all have single payer heath care and look what happened to them!? Not only is everyone covered with better results at less cost, but  in all those socialist nations the people can go out without fear of being shot dead, even at night!  Oh the humanity. The horror of European life.