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Olbermann: Joe the Plumber on Queers, Miss California Persecuted Over Nude Pics video

Irony Today: Printed In ‘Christianity Today’ words of wisdumb from Joe – the Never Was, Plumber. Today’s lecture by professor Joe is on the word queer. He points out that it’s not a slur, but before you know it, he’s made the leap to how “some of his friends are…yadda yadda yaddda, but he wouldn’t leave his kids with them.” WTF! Why was he allowed to breed without a license? When I use the word Idiot in his case, I damn sure mean it as a slur and an accurate description.

Nudie pics of Miss Opposite Marriage, from California..the country not the state, are all the rage today. In the tradition of the best defense is a good offense, she turns her hypocrisy into a war between good and evil. I believe pageant winners have lost their crowns for similar indiscretions, but this is about
something much bigger! These are attacks from the evil left, because of her views on Christianity and traditional marriage!

A master at missing the obvious, she doesn’t realize that no one would give a flip about her bouncing silicone – IF she had not chosen to use her platform to judge others!