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Olbermann: Worst: Joe The Would Be Plumber, Rush Limbaugh, The Unknown Atheist video

Gold:Joe the Whatever. He’s welcome to stuff a sock in it, just from my viewpoint. He’s bringing home the Gold tonight after quite a performance! For instance, we learned that he’s mastered time travel. Wait until you learn of the fight our Founding Fathers had with the recurring boogeyman philosophies, Communism and Socialism, fascinating! That was fun and games compared to the quotation printed in the Wausau Daily Herald. In this time of divisiveness, hate
crimes, and mob mentality it is beyond irresponsible and possibly would make him liable for any violence done to Sen. Chris Dodd D-Conn, after being quoted as asking “Why hasn’t he been strung up?” Watch Worst Persons in the World as Keith discusses the ever more alarming and frequent calls to violence. I’m sorry, and at the risk of being called unfair and not balanced, this movement is taking place on the right.

Silver: Rush Limbaugh: Determined to keep Sonia Sotomayor from the Supreme Court, he proves that “The New Math” was a mistake. After the familar tennis match – like battle of the fire-fighters in New Haven, the only case in her entire career that he and his ilk have twisted to disparage her as a racist. He now arrives at some astonishing figures!

Bronze: Atheist Bus Sign Donor: It is difficult to disparage his message, and as people say for everything from sexual orientation to race, “some of my best friends are…..in this case Athiests.” Someone has donated ten thousand dollars for bus signs, in hopes that Athiests won’t have to feel “in the closet” anymore. They proclaim, “You don’t need to believe in God to be a moral or ethical person.” Good hey? Now, recall the bit about being “in the closet.” President of the NYCAthiests.org, Ken Bronstein, has no idea who the donor is! See Worst Persons in the World, who rarely, but sometimes – have the best intentions.

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