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Olbermann Worst: Rep Cynthia Davis R..Mo Again, Joyce E Thomann, Randy Neuggenbauer, R..TX video

Gold: Rep Cynthia (let them eat cake) Davis, R- Mo She is so vile that she wins Worst twice in a row, but this time she’s on the defensive. She now claims that her heartless statements concerning the waste of taxpayer dollars spent feeding
underprivileged kids while school is out, were taken out of context, and twisted to make her look like “an inhuman monster.” Well toots, they were right out of your writings and quoted verbatim! If the monster mask fits, wear it. At least
we now know why all American families no longer gather ’round the Walton-like dining table each night. It’s because of those free meals to starving children, they’re tearing families apart! For more of the reprehensible statements from the woman who proclaimed hunger to be a great motivator, see Worst Person in the World!

Silver: Joyce E. Thomann, president of the Republican Women of Anne Arudel county are certain to all have the requisite number of silver tea services already. If they stay their path, they’ll qualify for gold in no time. Thomann and pals are convinced of the similarities between President Obama and….. one guess only, I’ll wait. tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…Okay, Adolph Hitler! (if you got that one correct, please go to the end of the line). In Thomann’s words, “It’s a blitzkrieg!” She sees many similarities, though we don’t know
when her bi-focals were last changed. Hear her out on Worst!

Bronze: Congressman Randy Neugebauer taking care of the most important business of the great state of Texas! In this case, he’s climbing aboard the “no sneaky foreigners” wagon with Bill Posey of FL, as one of five co-sponsors of Posey’s
bill which would require a birth certificate for a presidential candidate for the United States, is this repetitious? In spite of the fact that we’ve all seen it, he’s still convinced he hasn’t seen documents showing whether or not President Obama is a citizen of the United States. Their reach must be wide, as I get crackpot email to this effect quite often – facts, not so much.

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