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Olbermann Worst: Rupert Murdochs Fox and Friends Plummet. OReilly on Springstein and Seger

Gold: Fo-gedd-about how Murdoch’s press empire is so much bird cage liner. How does something labled “Fair and Balanced” sink? On the Murdoch ‘Fair and Balanced’
network we have such nitwits as Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and the absolutely Lobotomizing Fox and Friends! Apparently, America is deserting them, feeling much like Murdoch himself, that President Obama is one of the best things to happen to
this country. Ironically, the one part of his empire that is soaring is his cable entertainment, which features what the people want, be it “reality” or animated programs with a severe left tilt. I doubt Murdoch will go down with the ship, but let’s hope he kicks the rats loose!

Silver: Bill O’Reilly wins this one today. If you do or ever have liked or appreciated anything by Bruce Springstein, “Born in the USA!” or Pete, American Icon,Seger “This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land.” then you dear friend, are among the sad minority – according to Windy O’Reilly! He just knows these things…and more which he shares in the video! Listen to the wind blow right through his ears when he takes a break from talking…it’s rare but it happens for a few seconds once in a great while.

Bronze: Karl Rove, a great American! He does not want President Obama to screw up the Supreme Court Appointee. Get the inside scoop on how he and his pals in the Bush Administration literally spent years of intense, grueling, and detailed vetting of prospective Supreme Court candidates. It sounds absolutely foolproof! Harriet Meirs anyone?