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Paul Ryan’s Diary, a good Catholic for Job Creators and Donors, FOD

Paul Ryan learned at Mass that he is doing all the right things that God, Jesus and the Pope ask of him. Well the Pope not so much.

When the hungry came to Paul Ryan he took away their SNAP. When they needed shelter, he voted to confirm Ben Carson. When the old and infirm asked for help Paul Ryan will privatize Social Security and Medicare so the wealthy can make huge profits from their pain. When working class Americans asked for health care he took it away. When the church asked him to embrace the castouts he took a dump on them.

I hate to put his all on Catholics for here in American the Protestants are even worse in corrupting the message of Jesus who they have successfully created in their own image, and gotten away with I might add.

I also hate to put this all on the back of Paul Ryan when he only represents the core ideology of the Republican Party which is.

To hurt, demean and exclude gays, lesbians, the transgender and women seeking abortions. [This is the most important message of American Christianity today – to hurt]
Blessed is the NRA.
Blessed are AR15 with 40 round clips.
Blessed are the war makers.
Blessed are the wealthy for they shall inherit both Heaven and Earth.
Hate thy enemies tremendously.
If someone strikes you, torture them.
Change the wine to water that bursts into flames.
Change five loaves of bread and two fish into two loaves and a cane pole.

Not quite as bad as Islam but close. If Muslims were to quit the terrorism, remove the misogyny from the law and stop lopping off heads and body parts there would be little if any difference between Islam and Christianity.

When did the Islamic terrorism actually begin? Seems to be the early 1990’s right after President H. W. Bush put American Christian military bases all over Saudi Arabia to drive Iraq out of Kuwait. And the terrorism becoming much worse after President George W. Bush invaded Iraq for no good reason. Terrorism is the Bush legacy.

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