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Trevor Noah, Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch even worse that Scalia

What’s funny about that headline is when Republicans heard that, they got so excited some peed their pants, some fainted and some ran outside to fire off their assault weapons into the air!

As I am sure you are well aware, President The Donald does not give a rat’s ass about this or most anything other than the size of things, tremendous and terrific sizes. So you can be assured Judge Neil Gorsuch was chosen by born again evangelical fundamentalist protestant Vice President Mike Pence. Who gives us something that has been lacking on the Supreme Court for a very long time. A protestant who can bring the hardcore religious right to the highest court in the land without having to buck the new Pope at every turn.

Oh the unfairness of confirming Gorsuch when the Republicans refused to even give Garland a hearing. Hand wringing… And he will get confirmed. Hand wringing… Because Republicans who have backed the filibuster forever will throw that to the wind and go nuclear to 51 votes rather than 60 votes. The hypocrisy of refusing Garland even a hearing and changing the filibuster goes without saying. But hypocrisy does not matter to Trump Nation or to any cult.