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Prayer with Christian Pastor Kevin: Kisses, Cars and Aids

christian youth pastorChristian youth pastors must be cool. Prayer works! The guy whose parents have the car problem is just so American.  His concern for his parents is so sweet. And the prayer for a decision for his problem will eventually come to fruition. So will the prayer to help the sweet little girl decide to kiss or not to kiss. Prayer works! Well except for anything noteworthy.

I prayed just this morning while walking the dog. I prayed Easy would not take of his enormous dumps on Earl’s lawn while Earl was getting in his car. It worked! I was so excited that I prayed for a new car. But I realized that was selfish, so I prayed for a new car for my wife.

There are a series of these videos I will be putting up. What I find most interesting is how Evangelicals speak in an entirely different language that only they seem to be able to understand. Some sort of philosophical semantic reach around.

I must also say there is nothing wrong with these kind of kids unless they push their silly crap into politics, laws, government and public schools. Let’s see a meeting of MS13 in comparison?  Though on MS13 behalf I must say – other than supporting the NRA – they are not pushing their silly crap on the rest of us.

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