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Pro Life for Boners!

pro life bonersWhat a great bunch of silly Pro Life cliches put to the ax.  Add your own!

Life begins at conception. No life begins way before that. After all, both an egg and a sperm are alive. Herpes is alive so hands off that too. And warts. What with all the internet prom there are about a megagigazillion babies murdered every day just in Tulsa alone.

And hey, all boners should be put to the only use they were designed for. A literal knee high sea of babies paid for and cared for by the Republican Party.

I wonder how the vote would go if the big intrusive government were to force men into 18 years of costly servitude of one sort or another?  Hey, I have an ideal! How about just 2 years? Let’s see how that goes with the GOP.

When asking a Pro Lifer about the woman involved, the answer is that they should have thought about that before they got pregnant. Like getting a pink slip – they should have thought about that before they got it. Or hunger, or health insurance, or a crime or what have you – if they had properly thought about those things earlier they would not be in whatever mess they are in now. But you see, they did not think about such things then which means the present REALITY must be dealt with. Of course reality is not their long suit so here we are as in Evangelical Sillyville.