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Protesting is hard work for snowflakes, FOD

Protesting is hard work for snowflakes, FOD Making fun of oneself is a time honored tradition to most everyone but Republicans.  Humor is a funny thing. All of it other than puns is at the expense of someone or other.  What is funniest?  Something that gets close to the truth or something that is just silly?  I am torn.  I suppose we could put that into two camps, late night politics or Monty Python?  Doing this for as long as I have learned funny is much harder than witty, so I am going with the Monty Pylon wing of things. Family Guy!

Do skits like this have true meaning?  Should we all seek out Jill Stein voters and give them a punch in the face?  Are all protesters whiny women and gay men?  Are all liberals whiny women and gay men?  Of course that is what a large majority of White men believe.  This is why Donald Trump won.  Giving liberals the finger is worth electing a vindictive self consumed know-nothing buffoon leading us into a police state and nuclear war.  Hate makes the world go round.

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