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Putin Loves Trump! FOD

Putin Loves Trump! FOD“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Asks Donald Trump to his fascist dictator pal Vladimir Putin, this in regards to word that it was probably Russians who hacked into the DNC email system that brought Debbie Wasserman Schultz down, adding vodka to the stroganoff, the FBI is now looking into if it was Russian Hackers, who AFTER Trump’s call hacked into the Hillary Campaign email server.

The story here is not so much the buffoon who now leads the GOP asking Russians to hack into American politics to help him along, but the double standard in this election.

My God Man, had it been Hillary who did this she would be locked up and perhaps executed. In fact if Hillary had said a thousand things Trump has said over the past year she would have been run out of the election for just one of them.

How does Trump get away with it? Because the media and politicians want “poorly educated” white racists to watch their shows for share and get their vote so they are just well meaning people wanting better jobs.

And hey, if The Donald likes Vladimir so much: TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF DONALD! Oh the horror.

There have been about 20 or so government agencies hacked that we know of since Hillary became Secretary of State, so perhaps a small unknown private server in the basement would be a better idea?

I would like to apologize for Funny or Die who not only put a 30 second upfront on this, but also uploaded it to YOUTUBE with no EMBED option so it cannot be used without the ad. It is getting to be too much, CNN online is now forcing a loud full screen video before an article. Washington Post, NY Times et al have gone off the deep end with these loud forced videos, not to mention the video ad lead-ins. And even more annoying the ads that consistently pop up at the top of their pages causing the text you are reading to jump up and down. I suspect prom sites are now less intrusive.