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Ohio racists Louie Jones Jr and Tammy defend their racist front porch

These Racists – Louie Jones Jr and his friend Tammy deny they are racists because they say “everybody hates everybody.”

Which is not quite as bad as what I have heard here in Texas not a few times,

“I am not a racist I just don’t like nwords.” Hard to believe but true.

Then Louie Jones Jr’s “friend” Tammy defends black lawn jockey ornaments in afros wearing confederate flags as only honoring Black baseball players and their mothers.

And to top it off…

“The confederate flag is not racist, it is for the war that we won.” Louie Jones Jr.

The media has failed in this over the centuries as they believe these kind of people are made up of a few people in the South.
As you can see right here right now with the reporter ASKING if it’s racist rather than SAYING it is racist

No they are now and have been the majority of white people in America and about 70% of white people in Texas and the rest of the South.
We don’t like talking about that. At all, ever.

And you know what the most used racist dog whistle is?

Small Government Republican

And you know what else.

The correct word for “regulations” is “protections.”

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