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Rack Jite: Headlines and a Bit, Shithole edition, Jan 13 2018

Just the news and a bit, Rack Jite

Just the news and a bit, Rack Jite

Tucker Carlson Passionately Backs Trump Amid ‘Sh*thole’ Furor: ‘Why Can’t You Say That?!’

You can say that Tucker, in fact anyone can say that, even Senators  and Representatives from shithole states and shithole congressional districts, it’s only the President of the United States who can’t say it. 

Time to Say It: Trump Is a Racist

It was time to say that 7 years ago as the leader of the Birthers! It is how he won the GOP base to run in the first place, how he won the primaries and what got him the electoral college vote that made him president..

Trump’s ‘shithole’ comments typify how the GOP uses immigration to energize its base

See last headline above.

Donald Trump Compounds His “Shithole Countries” Bigotry with Lies

What’s new?

Lawyer paid $130k to silence adult-film star over sexual encounter with Trump: report

Will a porn star have $130k taken from her portfolio to tell the truth?

First-in-nation Medicaid work requirements approved for Kentucky

Putting sick people to work is not from the Republican base, but from establishment Republicans, Yet another example of the character of the GOP .

Laura Ingraham: Democrats Have a ‘Nasty’ Habit of ‘Racializing Everything’

Oh no, racializing full bore in your face racism that the entire world agrees is full bore in your face racism.

Stephanie Ruhle Chokes Up When Recounting Having to Hide Trump’s Comments From Her Kids

Get the kids out of the room, the President is talking on TV!  That is real.