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Radical Religious Terrorism

Radical Religious TerrorismIf you watched the CNN Las Vegas debate the other night you will have heard the term “radical Islamic terrorism” a few million times, though most of it came from Ted Cruz who found a way to fit it in most every sentence.

Of course there was no mention by anyone in the debate about last month’s “radical Christian terrorism” by Robert Dear in Colorado Springs which is the same thing by any definition.

So what has changed in the world of terrorism?

Haven’t we always suffered terrorism of one sort or another?

The change concerns what we are not allowed to address here in our American exceptionalist society [if you are not aware, we are exceptional because we have been chosen by God and Jesus as better than everyone else in the world.]

Terrorism and assassination in the past was mostly perpetrated by those who tried to get away with it.

What has changed is that today radical religious terrorism is based upon the religious belief that strapping a bomb to oneself, or driving planes and trucks into things, or going down in a blase of gun glory gets one to Heaven. An actual place they actually go. And in the Muslim world of sexual repression, those 72 virgins are a big sell.

In interviews with failed suicide bombers, Taliban, al qaeda, and ISIS who were caught or came to their senses, it’s the same story, they believe their actions would get them to Heaven immediately, and they stay with the terrorist organization because they are afraid they would not go to Heaven if they left it.

We have a few Christians like that who shoot doctors in the back expecting to get caught, but Muslims have a much stronger and better belief in God than Christians or Jews. They walk the walk rather than just talk the talk.

In a recent interview with the two Kentucky men Kim Davis refused to issue a marriage license to, said that in a conversation with Davis across the counter she said she would not issue the license because she was afraid if she did she would go to Hell. Hell, a real place she will actually go. How long before her hair caught fire.

Imagine there’s no Heaven, its easy if you try, no Hell below us, above us only sky…