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Republican political hearing with FBI director James Comey backfires

Republican political hearing with FBI director James Comey backfires

After five hours of grilling from yet another [I think this is the 14th] EMERGENCY political investigation against Democrat front running Hillary Clinton, FBI director James Comey made three huge points which did the committee investigation more harm than good.

  1. That anyone in the FBI doing what Hillary Clinton did would not be indicted.
  2. That no one, high or low, has been indicted for what Hillary Clinton did since the law was written in 1917.
  3. What Hillary Clinton did was nothing near as bad as what poor General Patraeus did. Apples and hardware.

General Patraeus, who was director of the CIA at the time, purposefully with malice of forethought gave his mistress classified information as they teamed up to hide his adulterous affair by using open email accounts to shadow the comings and goings of high ranking officials and then lied about it to the FBI. Patraeus successfully plea bargained away the felony 5 year prison term for lying to the FBI – which the FBI wanted desperately to peruse. Add to that the adultery that got the GOP into impeachment mode not long ago, and Patraeus came out of it quite well, indicted, plea bargained, probation, a fine and kept his military rank and retirement.

July 7, 2016, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing, FBI Director James Comey was asked whether he agreed with the claim that Petraeus “got in trouble for far less” than Clinton. “No, it’s the reverse,” Comey said. 

Though this hearing was nothing but another event to keep up the drum beat of “crooked Hillary” and the political dishonesty she shares with most every male politician, it did her more good than harm by not only debunking the Patraeus comparison once and for all, reminding us that no one high or low has been indicted for what she did in a hundred years, and that the GOP committee members polite as they were, attacked as wrong and incompetent a respected Republican FBI director.

So where does the right-wing machine go next?  They let it leak when they asked if the FBI was investigating the Clinton Foundation charity to fight AIDS and other community organizing and dogooding abroad.