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Republicans refuse to call it what it is, Radical Religious terrorism

Christian Assault weapon rally outside Phoenix Mosque
Christian Assault weapon rally outside Phoenix Mosque

Why do they join ISIS and stick with it no matter the carnage they produce and death they suffer, Muslim intelligence experts tell us it is because they want to go to Heaven and they fight on because it insures that they will go to Heaven. If fact those who leave coming out of it interviews say they are now most afraid that they won’t go to Heaven. It’s all about going to Heaven. Which if you will recall is in the Firmament.

The President is sticking to his policy of DON’T DO STUPID STUFF and refused to fall to the emotional mob mentality that got is into Afghanistan and Iraq.

REALITY CHECK! Since 911 there have now been 35 Americans killed by Muslim jihadists, compared to 56 Americans killed by Right-wing Christian Jihadists. Oh and 140,000 murdered by American gun enthusiasts. American gun enthusiasts kill more Americans everyday than Muslims have in 14 years.

But the mob wants as much stupid emotional verbiage as they can swallow and we have a dozen Republican candidates who are more than happy to feed the Beast. Thankfully we have an adult in charge.

The President also refuses to use the word MUSLIM doing his best to keep the Republican Base from doing what the Germans began doing to the Jews in the early 1930’s. But as you can see from the picture above this could be worse as the German brownshirts had only sticks and stones rather than our brownshirts who have assault weapons with 40 round clips in the streets.

Donald Trump got his group of radicalized followers to take notice with his intellectual spin on the President’s speech last night with these tweets!

The podium in the Oval Office looks odd! Not good, but the words will be the key.

He is reading off the TelePrompTer. But that is O.K. in this case.

Is that all there is? We need a new President – FAST!

And of course the entire Republican gang of candidates all screeching that shootings have nothing all to do with guns. The bullets just appear out of… Hmm… Got it! ┬áThe bullets appear from the Firmament.