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Republicans want to kill children

Republicans want to kill children

Republicans want to kill children

That image is not how Republicans see Medicaid, rather they see either a black gansta in a hoodie or an Hispanic raping a white girl.

Looked it up, they are ignoring 42% of white people on Medicaid, with Hispanics 31% and Blacks 19%. BUILD THAT WALL!

This is why our national health care called Medicare is so popular, it covers race equal to populations. White 76%, Black 11% and Hispanic 8%. Well factoring in White people live a lot longer than Blacks and Hispanics.

Race is present and DOMINATE in every domestic policy issue for some 400 years.

Of the 39 wealthiest nations that have single payer systems none have anywhere near 13% black populations, in fact Australia has the most at 1.5%. Even when we consider race AND ethnicity adding 17% Hispanic to our number, none of those nations have a 30% population of others. Though Australia is close with their Asians and Indians.

But then again in Australia everyone is required to vote. Which here would mean the end of the GOP.